Theresa May given 24-hour deadline to say when she will quit

EXCLUSIVE: Senior Tories warn PM to give clear timetable for handover date or risk being forced out by rebellion. Theresa May leaves Parliament following talks with Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday night ( Aaron Chown/PA ) Theresa May was served a deadline of … Read More

May Faces Coup in Her Party Over Agreeing on Brexit Deal With Labour – Reports

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AP Photo /Frank Augstein The prime minister, unsuccessfully struggling to deliver the UK’s promised divorce from the EU, has already survived a no-confidence vote. This made Theresa May immune to a forced resignation until the end of this year, but … Read More

Theresa May suggests she will resign if her Brexit deal passes, while Parliament fails to pass anything of its own

British lawmakers, who meet in the Palace of Westminster in London, are trying to determine what sort of Brexit they want. (Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images) LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May told fellow Conservative Party lawmakers on Wednesday that she was prepared … Read More

The End of Europe?

PARIS — Ever since World War II, the liberal global order that has spread more freedom and prosperity around the world than at any other time in history has been held up by two pillars: the United States of America … Read More

Brexit Deal in Crisis After 2 U.K. Cabinet Ministers Quit

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LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain faced a deep political crisis on Thursday after two cabinet ministers quit her government, including Dominic Raab, her chief negotiator on withdrawal from the European Union — decisions that threaten to wreck … Read More

Brexiteer reveals exactly WHEN Theresa May should STEP DOWN as prime minister

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BREXITEER MP Henry Smith claimed Prime Minister Theresa May is not expected to hold on to power “much beyond” Brexit, warning against a change of leader before Britain leaves the European Union in March 2019. Mr Smith insisted the British … Read More