Angela Merkel says there is hope for Brexit deal ‘right up to the last day’

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Mrs. Merkel hinted that Brussels would insist on level playing field guarantees as part of any agreement CREDIT: HAYOUNG JEON/EPA Angela Merkel has said there is still every chance of a Brexit deal being struck as British negotiators headed to Brussels for further … Read More

Germany and Greece seal migrant return deal

The German Interior Ministry has announced it has reached a deal that will allow it to return asylum-seekers to Greece. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spain’s Pedro Sanchez agreed to a similar compromise last week. The German Interior Ministry said it … Read More

Merkel eyes reform of ‘dysfunctional’ EU migration agreement

Chancellor wants ‘fairer’ burden-sharing to more evenly distribute refugees in Europe German chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez at a press conference in southern Spain. Photograph: A Carrasco Ragel/EPA Chancellor Angela Merkel has returned from her summer holiday, picking … Read More