EU must take responsibility for Syrian refugees in Turkey – NGO director

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The European Union must continue protecting Syrian refugees within Turkey, but should also take further responsibility and resettle more of them, Human Rights Watch associate director Gerry Simpson wrote in an op-ed published by the EU Observer on Wednesday. More effort from … Read More

Germany Halts Granting Asylum to Syrians En Masse – Reports

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AP Photo/ Raad Adayleh Decisions concerning asylum applications have allegedly been postponed for several weeks as German authorities are set to reassess the security situation in Syria, according to media reports. Last year, Germany’s interior minister decided to extend a … Read More

Erdogan Says Turkey Can’t Stand Alone Against New Migration Wave

Turkey, which already hosts the largest refugee population in the world, is at a tipping point, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warning his country wouldn’t be able to cope with another influx of people fleeing the conflict in neighboring Syria. “In case … Read More

Cyprus struggles with increased influx of asylum seekers

More than 140 refugees arrived in just four days from September 1 to 4, in what the Cypriot government said was a significant spike in irregular immigration. Cyprus appealed on Wednesday to the European Union for more help in dealing … Read More

Germany and Greece seal migrant return deal

The German Interior Ministry has announced it has reached a deal that will allow it to return asylum-seekers to Greece. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spain’s Pedro Sanchez agreed to a similar compromise last week. The German Interior Ministry said it … Read More

Syrian refugees leaving Germany over family reunification policy

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Syrians granted limited asylum but denied the right to fetch relatives are departing Germany for Turkey by using smugglers, say German media. The cases, if confirmed, bizarrely reverse the “Balkan route” drama of 2015. Thousands of Syrian refugees are attempting … Read More

Germany requests border control extension for Austrian frontier

Germany’s interior minister has defended a request to continue checks by accusing the EU of failing to protect its external borders. Germany is one of six countries that reimposed controls in the visa-free Schengen zone. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer … Read More

Saudi Crown Prince says will develop nuclear bomb if Iran does

A rise in right wing nationalism across the European Union has resulted in increased hardship for many Syrian refugees. Seven years after fleeing war in Syria many struggle to build their lives in a hostile anti-Muslim environment. March 15 marks … Read More

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