Merkel gives ground on German migration cap

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BERLIN ––German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to a demand by her Bavarian allies to seek an annual limit on migration, clearing an obstacle for talks on forming her next government and responding to an electoral surge by the nationalist Alternative … Read More

Is Germany Still a Haven for Israelis? After Election, Some Wonder

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in 2014. Despite the gains made by the far right in the German elections, Mr. Netanyahu expressed confidence that Israel and Germany would only deepen their ties. CreditAmmar Awad/Reuters … Read More

Far-right AfD’s surge worries Muslim refugees in Germany

The strong performance of the populist Alternative for Germany party in Sunday’s election has worried Afghan and other Muslim migrants. They fear that AfD’s anti-immigration agenda may make life harder for them. The entry of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) in … Read More

Jews around world concerned by far-right breakthrough in German election

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BRUSSELS/BERLIN (Reuters) – Jewish groups in Europe and the United States expressed alarm on Sunday at the far-right Alternative for Germany’s success in Germany’s parliamentary election and urged other parties not to form an alliance with the AfD. Early projections … Read More

Anti-migrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Merkel: Germany’s AfD

The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which rails against immigration and Islam, is set to become the country’s first hard-right nationalist party to clear the five-percent hurdle and enter parliament in the post-war era. Close to France’s National Front and the … Read More

Merkel Suggests Germany Should Join North Korea Talks

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BRUSSELS — In what the Germans themselves are calling a “sleep campaign,” Chancellor Angela Merkel, seeking a fourth term in office in elections on Sept. 24, has moved to highlight her international status by calling for a new round of … Read More