Putin Makes a Startling Claim: Russia Is the World’s Leader in Hypersonic Weapons

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U.S. Air Force General: “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us.” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at a Defense Ministry meeting held earlier this week that Russia leads the world in hypersonic weapons … Read More

Russia Has a Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile. Yes, You Read That Right.

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And there is a problem: A reactor that powers one of these weapons might have created “possibly one of the worst nuclear accidents in the region since Chernobyl.” A mysterious explosion at Russia’s Nenoksa Missile Test Site on Aug. 8, … Read More

Trump: US has better weapons than the ‘failed’ Russian ‘Skyfall’ missile

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President Trump weighed in on a suspected failed missile explosion in northern Russia, noting U.S. technology is far superior to the “failed” weapon. The suspected nuclear explosion occurred Thursday off the coast of Russia’s Nenoska Missile Test Site, an installation … Read More

A mind of its own: Russia unveils terrifying new AI ‘superweapon’

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Avangard testing has already taken place. Photo / Supplied, Russian Ministry of Defence The race to incorporate artificial intelligence in modern weapons threatens to outstrip the technology’s capabilities — and the world’s ability to control them. The Commander-in-Chief of Russia’s … Read More

US military plans new war-fighting concept in response to threat from China, Russia

It involves ‘stealth and joint penetration’ on land, in the air and at sea, causing simultaneous dilemmas for adversaries to effectively fight back US Air Force chief of staff says US$135 billion budget will be sought for ‘penetrating capability’ The … Read More

Why Russia Won’t Go Bankrupt Paying for Its Military Buildup

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Despite Putin’s constant boasts of advanced weapons, such as nuclear super-torpedoes and hypersonic missiles, the GPV 2027 plan will achieve much more modest goals. One reason the Soviet Union collapsed was that Moscow went broke trying to keep up with … Read More