China joins Russia in backing Venezuela against U.S. moves, warns of ‘serious consequences’ to Donald Trump’s plan

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China has joined Russia in stepping up its support of Venezuela as it undergoes a political crisis between the government and U.S.-backed opposition. After recognizing National Assembly head Juan Guaidó’s claim to the presidency on Wednesday, President Donald Trump and … Read More

Russia: NATO should be ‘wise enough’ to avoid war

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Russia’s top diplomat said in an interview published Thursday that he hopes NATO can avoid a large, global war, but said he’s worried that NATO has left Russia out of these sorts of discussions. “I believe everyone will be wise … Read More

Russia Constrains Iran

Poster showing Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Russian President Vladimir Putin (ABNA News – Iran) In an astounding series of statements, Russia has made it clear that it expects all foreign forces … Read More