North Korea Threatens Increased Provocations Following Breakdown in Nuclear Talks

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FILE – A South Korean soldier walks past a TV broadcasting a news report on North Korea firing a missile that is believed to be launched from a submarine, in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 2, 2019. SEOUL -North Korea Thursday … Read More

Trump reconsiders Syria withdrawal, strongly warns Turkey against military adventures

A handout photo made available by the US Army shows a US soldier overseeing members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as they demolish a YPG (People’s Protection Units, a mainly-Kurdish militia in Syria) fortification and raise a Tal Abyad … Read More

State Department downplays European army: ‘We support NATO’

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European nations should bolster their military capabilities within the NATO alliance, the State Department said Tuesday in response to French and German calls for a continental army. “Whatever should be done should not take away from NATO’s efforts,” State Department … Read More

White House pulls out of summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

President Trump on Thursday canceled the highly anticipated summit with North Korea that had been set for next month, calling the talks “inappropriate” following the “hostility” displayed in the latest comments from dictator Kim Jong Un. The move to pull … Read More

Trump Admin Warns Palestinian Leadership It’s Skating on Thin Ice

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Washington’s patience for the Palestinian Authority leadership is nearly spent. Ever since President Donald Trump came to the White House, US-Palestinian relations have been tense, to say the least. Trump’s overt affinity for Israel, and his unwillingness to tolerate the … Read More

U.S. expels 15 Cuban diplomats over mysterious health ‘attacks’ on Americans in Havana

The State Department ordered 15 Cuban diplomats Tuesday to leave the United States from its Washington embassy, a move prompted by the mysterious illness affecting U.S. diplomatic personnel and family members in Havana. The U.S. last week decided to cut … Read More

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