Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe

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CNN) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said “there is work to be done” in Germany to face up to the dark forces that are finding mainstream support there and in other parts of the world. “In Germany, obviously, they … Read More

Russia Is Targeting Europe’s Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats.

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Posters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for this month’s European Parliament elections. Populists expect a strong showing.CreditCreditRobin Utrecht/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images LONDON — Less than two weeks before pivotal elections for the European Parliament, a constellation of websites and social … Read More

German far right capitalises on high-profile migrant crimes

“Refugees are bringing crime into our town,” an election leaflet declares — an example of how Germany’s far-right feeds its narrative of a country threatened by more than a million new arrivals. Alternative for Germany (AfD) hopes the strategy that … Read More

A Migration Nightmare-Why Germany’s Deportation System Is Failing Everyone

As Germany tries to crack down on rejected asylum-seekers and criminal refugees, its civil servants are constrained by the limits of a dysfunctional system. Whether refugee, police officer or office clerk, almost everyone involved has something to complain about. When German … Read More

How safe are Jews living in Germany?

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For the first time in 18 years, international Jewish service organization B’nai B’rith has held its European congress in Berlin. On the agenda: the renewed threat to Jews in Germany. “Are we safe?” The question asked by Andras Kain, head of … Read More

Extreme-right defectors deal a blow to Germany’s far-right AfD

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The far-right Alternative for Germany may be unravelling at the edges after a disgruntled member struck off on his own. That’s bad news for the populists ahead of key elections, says DW political analyst Jefferson Chase. There is now even … Read More

Angela Merkel’s CDU elects Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as party leader

“It is now the time to open a new chapter, it was a great pleasure for me,” the German chancellor said. But she also had a message for President Trump. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures at the end of her … Read More

Analysis The Race to Replace Merkel Begins. A Look at Those Vying to Lead Germany’s Top Party

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Three candidates vying to replace chancellor as leader of the center-right party include a Merkel loyalist and an old foe; all must combat rising challenge of liberal and populist parties to their left and right. German chancellor Angela Merkel waving … Read More

German police shut down concert over ‘Sieg Heil’ songs

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Right-wing protesters have staged marches in the eastern German city of Chemnitz – (DPA/AFP/File) German police this weekend shut down a far-right rock concert in a small eastern town after hearing the crowd shouting the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil.” The concert, … Read More

How the Refugee Crisis, Israel and Trump Tore Germany’s Radical Left Apart

New political issues have unhinged the worldview of the German radical left, which has become complex-ridden and divided. It wasn’t Nazi Germany that sealed European Jews’ fate The Israeli dreaming of opening a capsule hotel near Berlin’s Berghain club Alexandria … Read More

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