Twitter up in arms after ex-Austrian MP says that girls wear headscarves to avoid migrant assaults

Global Look Press / Z6869 Reinhard Kaufhold An interview with an ex-MP suggesting that Austrian-born girls wear headscarves to hide the fact they aren’t Muslims and to prevent assaults from migrants on the streets of Vienna has triggered a storm on … Read More

The end of Germany’s two-party system is on the horizon

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This weekend’s regional election in Germany will provide further proof of a fragmenting political landscape, writes Slawomir Sierakowski. The German Social Democrats’ (SPD) existential crisis can no longer be treated as a typical party crisis. The party captured a mere 9.7% … Read More

Austria and German leaders pull different ways on refugee crisis

After the victory of Sebastian Kurz of Austrian People’s Party in legislative elections on October 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has to prepare for a changed dynamic in neighborly relations. Although the two parties belong … Read More

Another Far-Right Party Has Won Voters’ Hearts in Europe With Anti-Islam Message

The far-right Freedom Party—an ally of Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France and one of the emboldened cluster of populist right-wing parties making big gains across the Continent—took as much as 26 percent of the vote in Austria’s elections … Read More