German right-wing extremists planned ‘hunt’ of migrants: reports

A police report seen by German media has found that extreme-right protesters explicitly tried to violently chase down foreigners. Disagreement over whether such a “hunt” took place nearly toppled the German government. New details have emerged in the investigation into … Read More

Merkel ally calls for Europe to go it alone in the Gulf

Britain has already deployed the destroyer, HMS Duncan, to protect shipping from seizure by Iran – CREDIT: LA(PHOTO) BEN SUTTON/MOD/PA A key ally of Angela Merkel has called for Europe to set up its own naval task force in the … Read More

Germany to soften ‘advertising’ ban on abortions

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BERLIN – Germany’s coalition government agreed in principle Tuesday to soften a Nazi-era law that bars medical doctors from advertising abortion services. Gynecologists, hospitals and public health services will now be allowed to share essential information about where and how women … Read More

The end of Germany’s two-party system is on the horizon

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This weekend’s regional election in Germany will provide further proof of a fragmenting political landscape, writes Slawomir Sierakowski. The German Social Democrats’ (SPD) existential crisis can no longer be treated as a typical party crisis. The party captured a mere 9.7% … Read More

MERKEL ON BRINK: Chancellor facing SECOND election beating in Hesse as AfD support soars

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ANGELA Merkel faces a second defeat in less than two weeks as polls show a massive drop in the support to the Chancellor’s party in the state of Hesse – while far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) looks set to be … Read More

Migration dispute in Germany over for now as coalition reaches deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and now Interior Minister Horst Seehofer at a rally in Munich in September 2017. Berlin (CNN) Germany’s three-party coalition reached an agreement on a key migration policy Thursday night, ending, for now, a dispute that had threatened … Read More

Germany Plans to Spend Billions More on Army While Trump Slams ‘Underspending’

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The federal budget draft suggests multibillion increase in defense spending for 2019. Over the recent time, the German military has been struggling to cope with shortages in armor and equipment as well as pressure from its NATO allies, who criticized … Read More

German air force in dire straits, chief of staff says

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Funds are urgently needed to modernize its weaponry and systems, Gerhartz says. BERLIN: Nato member Germany’s air force is in dire straits and funds are urgently needed to modernise its weaponry and systems, the air force chief of staff said … Read More

New Migrant Crisis Threatens to Bring Down Merkel in 48 Hours

On the back of the latest round of fighting over illegal immigration, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of Bavaria’s CSU party reportedly castigated Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying he “can’t work with this woman anymore”. Merkel is adamant that migrant policy … Read More

Hardline EU ministers form ‘axis of the willing’ against illegal migrants

The dispute has raised questions over Merkel’s future, as nationalist forces already in power elsewhere in Europe turn up the heat on the long-serving German chancellor for her welcoming stance toward migrants. Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said she expected … Read More

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