Theresa May tells EU it ‘has to make a choice’ in few days before MPs’ Brexit vote

The PM will insist she remains determined to secure legally-binding changes to her deal – despite few signs of progress. Theresa May will tell the EU it ‘has to make a choice too’ Theresa May will tell the EU it … Read More

Brexit: UK Parliament to decide between ‘no deal’ and delay

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UK lawmakers have voiced their support for a three-step plan that could allow them to delay the UK’s departure from the EU. MPs rejected an alternative plan that had been proposed by the opposition Labour Party. UK lawmakers have backed … Read More

A crunch Brexit vote is coming that could plunge the UK into fresh political chaos

U.K. lawmakers will vote on Theresa May’s Brexit plan on Tuesday, December 11. There are many who say she will fail to gather enough support. Possible outcomes include the collapse of government and May’s resignation. Parbul TV | Reuters TV … Read More