Why Boris Johnson will not go for a ‘hard’ Brexit, but a slow Brexit

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A year of headlines and parliamentary debates dominated by EU negotiations would be a political disaster for Johnson. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson  Getty Images Wars end when the belligerents give up fighting. The surest way for this to happen, and … Read More

Boris Johnson could soon be forced to stand down as prime minister to make way for Jeremy Corbyn

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Boris Johnson. Reuters –Boris Johnson could soon be removed as prime minister under a plan being pushed by opposition parties. –Johnson’s opponents fear that he will find a way to force Britain out of the European Union without a deal … Read More

Brexit: UK Parliament to decide between ‘no deal’ and delay

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UK lawmakers have voiced their support for a three-step plan that could allow them to delay the UK’s departure from the EU. MPs rejected an alternative plan that had been proposed by the opposition Labour Party. UK lawmakers have backed … Read More

Brexit Deal in Crisis After 2 U.K. Cabinet Ministers Quit

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LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain faced a deep political crisis on Thursday after two cabinet ministers quit her government, including Dominic Raab, her chief negotiator on withdrawal from the European Union — decisions that threaten to wreck … Read More

EU looks away as Catalan crisis unfolds

So where the cries of outrage? Where the statements of condemnation, the tweets of shock at the violence meted out on the voters of Catalonia at the hands of the Spanish police? In Europe’s capitals there has been an echoing … Read More