Russian Forces Flood Into The Med Ahead Of Syrian Offensive, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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We’ve broken down all the latest news and military movements to give you a clear picture of what is and what is likely to come. Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad looks set to launch a new, all-out offensive into the … Read More

Pro-ISIS outlets vow unleashing biological warfare on West

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FILE PHOTO © Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters Despite crushing defeats in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State’s propaganda outlets urged lone-wolf attackers to unleash biological warfare on the West, including dissemination of viruses from feces and droppings of rats. A propaganda … Read More

Syria: Chemical weapons watchdog confirms chlorine gas attack in Saraqeb

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The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons has said samples show a high probability that chlorine gas was used in an attack in Syria. It did not say who had used the banned weapons. Chlorine gas “was likely used … Read More

‘Disease X’ could be the world’s worst nightmare

As if Ebola, Zika and SARS aren’t enough to worry about, The World Health Organization has added a mysterious, yet-to-exist new malady to its list of nine diseases that may cause a worldwide epidemic. “Disease X” is not a newly identified … Read More