What Happens Next with Syrian Refugees, Europe and Coronavirus

Syrian refugees sit around a campfire in an empty market hall in the Turkish border town of Edirne near the Pazarkule-Kastanies border crossing on March 5, 2020. Mohssen Assanimoghaddam—DPA/Getty Images It feels like a lifetime ago that Turkish President Recep … Read More

What might trigger the collapse of the EU?

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Several factors including Brexit and the rise of the far-right pose a threat to the political union. A mural by graffiti artist Banksy on a wall in Dover – Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images The European Union is facing unprecedented threats to its … Read More

Should Germany get THE BOMB? The debate threatening to go nuclear in Merkel’s Germany

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GERMANY is debating whether it is time to become a nuclear nation. Donald Trump’s increasingly belligerent threats to withdraw NATO security is forcing Germans to think the unthinkable – unthinkable at least since the deadly V1 and V2 rockets of … Read More

George Soros’ radical plan to save the EU from its next financial crisis

George Soros has a gift for knowing when social change is coming—and when the cultural and political processes we take for granted are about to collapse. It’s that sensitivity that thrust the wildly successful investor, political activist, and philanthropist into … Read More

Can the EU save the Iran nuclear deal?

European leaders must continue to resist US pressures to isolate Iran. Earlier this month, for the first time since the signing of the nuclear deal, Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has blamed the EU for “appeasing” the US [Francois Lenoir/Reuters] … Read More