Russia wants to unplug its internet from the rest of the world. Is that even possible?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting during a visit to the Interior Ministry in Moscow, Russia, on Feb. 28. (Alexei Nikolsky / Associated Press) Russian lawmakers want to tighten the screws on Russia’s internet access by creating an “sovereign” … Read More

Russia is going to test an internet ‘kill switch,’ and its citizens will suffer

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It’s cool — all the creepy totalitarian countries are doing it. Illustration by Koren Shadmi Russia is planning to disconnect itself from the global internet in a test sometime between now and April. The country says it is implementing an internal internet (intranet) and … Read More

Germany seeks to reduce Facebook, Google power

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Germany outlined measures designed to curb the increasing dominance of internet giants, including Google and Facebook, by boosting the powers of its competition regulator. Reuters reported the initiative could see more restrictions placed on the bigger players from acquiring smaller rivals, … Read More