Marc Thiessen: Trump didn’t start this trade war, China did

Before President Trump announced that he was imposing 25 percent tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods, he got encouragement from an unlikely source: Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. The Senate Democratic leader, who has little good to say … Read More

Trump looks to project calm as trade war heats up

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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during an event on ending surprise medical billing | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday sought to ease concerns about his administration’s failure so far to reach a trade deal … Read More

Kill the Carriers: How China Plans to Win a Superpower Showdown Against America

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A scary concept. The Third Taiwan Crisis was a brutal lesson for a China. More than twenty years ago, a military confrontation in East Asia pushed the United States and China uncomfortably close to conflict. Largely unknown in America, the … Read More

Merkel says Germany will set own security standards after US warning on Huawei

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Germany will define its own security standards for a new 5G mobile network, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday. Washington earlier warned that it would scale back data-sharing with Berlin if China’s Huawei was allowed to participate.“We are defining our … Read More

Huawei 5G battle opens rift between U.S. and Germany

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The Huawei logo, taken from the firm’s Istanbul office. Photo: Serhat Cagdas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The U.S. has made its first threat to curtail sharing intelligence with an ally if that government ignores U.S. warnings about Huawei 5G equipment, … Read More

Asian markets sluggish before crunch trade talks

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HONG KONG: Asian stocks saw gains on Monday (Feb 11) as US and Chinese officials in Beijing geared up for crunch trade talks aimed at averting fresh tariff escalations. Mainland Chinese markets reopened higher after the Lunar New Year break … Read More

Sinking US aircraft carriers will resolve tension in South China Sea, says Chinese admiral

FILE: The USS Ronald Reagan during a dual carrier strike force exercise. (Twitter) The deputy head of a Chinese military academy told an audience in Shenzhen last month that tensions in the South China Sea could be resolved by sinking a … Read More

Chinese markets’ 2018 performance was their worst in a decade

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2018 has been unkind to China’s stock markets. Major indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen both saw annual losses of more than 24 percent in 2018. Two major factors unsettled the Chinese markets for much of 2018: The ongoing trade war … Read More

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