Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 17 May 2019

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Greetings from Tyler, Of the many topics of national and international concern and interest this week, sanctions on Chinese goods, the consequences for farmers and American consumers has been the top story. Much was made of the plummeting stock market … Read More

Marc Thiessen: Trump didn’t start this trade war, China did

Before President Trump announced that he was imposing 25 percent tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods, he got encouragement from an unlikely source: Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. The Senate Democratic leader, who has little good to say … Read More

Trump looks to project calm as trade war heats up

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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during an event on ending surprise medical billing | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday sought to ease concerns about his administration’s failure so far to reach a trade deal … Read More

Trump absolutely right to slap new tariffs on China

China believes it can cheat its way to the top: ‘Bully of Asia’ author ‘Bully of Asia’ author Steven Mosher on U.S. trade talks with China. President TrumpOpens a New Window. on Sunday announced additional incoming tariffsOpens a New Window. on China, reminding BeijingOpens … Read More

Chinese markets’ 2018 performance was their worst in a decade

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2018 has been unkind to China’s stock markets. Major indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen both saw annual losses of more than 24 percent in 2018. Two major factors unsettled the Chinese markets for much of 2018: The ongoing trade war … Read More

First tariffs, and now a move to isolate China in global trade. Can the US succeed?

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George Magnus says America’s new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada contains two provisions – limiting currency manipulation and trade with a ‘non-market economy’ – drafted with China in mind, and could be used as a template for future accords. … Read More

Dollar edges higher on trade tensions, Swedish crown rises after vote

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The Swedish crown strengthened after an election in the country on Sunday that saw support for the nationalist Sweden Democrats surge. An emerging market currency index dipped more than 0.4 percent on Monday after booking its biggest weekly loss in … Read More

US-China trade war worsens

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Gil H. A. Santos OVER the weekend, the US-China trade war turned worse as President Donald Trump linked it directly to the continued North Korean nuclear development program—despite the UN sanctions for violating the international reduction of nuclear armaments—and indirectly … Read More

California stands to suffer if US-China trade war worsens

California boasts the world’s fifth largest economy, with annual output of $2.7 billion, more than that of Britain. Churning out everything from cars and computer chips to nuts and wine, California’s mighty economy will suffer big time if the US-China … Read More

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