Dutch professor: “No Western country has managed to successfully integrate Muslims”

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Based on his 20-year-long studies on integration and assimilation, Dutch professor of sociology Ruud Koopmans has come to the conclusion that Muslims are more difficult to integrate than other migrant groups. Ruud Koopmans claims than no Western country has managed to … Read More

‘Losing support by the hour’: Venezuela’s Maduro will be out of power soon, Colombian president says

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BOGOTA, Colombia — Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s “days in power are about to end” because of growing international and domestic pressure on his “mafioso” government and increasing desertions by his military troops, Colombian President Iván Duque said Sunday. “Maduro is facing … Read More

El Niño Triggered Disease Outbreaks Across Globe

Increased sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean characterizes an El Niño, which is followed by weather changes throughout the world. Photo: NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio The 2015 to 2016 El Niño event brought weather conditions that triggered … Read More

7.1-magnitude earthquake hits southern Peru

The temblor’s epicenter was 16 miles north-northeast of Azangaro and it had a depth of around 160 miles. LIMA, Peru — The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting that an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.1 has struck southern Peru. … Read More

UN Security Council Rejects U.S., Russia Resolutions On Venezuela

A demonstrator holds a Venezuelan flag on the bridge in Urena, Venezuela, on the border with Colombia. The UN Security Council has rejected rival resolutions on the crisis in Venezuela presented by the United States and Russia. The United States … Read More

7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes near Ecuador-Peru border, USGS says

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck near the Ecuador-Peru border Friday. (USGS) A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck near the border of Ecuador and Peru early Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The earthquake struck 71 miles east of Palora with a depth of 82 miles. Another … Read More

Venezuela military ‘on alert’ as it closes borders to aid

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The military is preparing to enforce border closures to prevent aid from entering Venezuela. Soldiers have remained loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, despite efforts from Juan Guaido to bring the army to his side. Venezuela’s military is “on alert” against … Read More

World Council of Churches exposed as biased, anti-Israel Group – Report

EAPPI activists in Hebron . (photo credit: YOU TUBE SCREENSHOT) The World Council of Churches sent foreign nationals to pose as tourists to gather information about IDF operations and training in Jerusalem and Hebron, according to reports. According to reports, … Read More

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