WRAP-UP: Arish attack strongly condemned, accents war on terrorism

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CAIRO – 24 November 2017: A Friday bomb and gun assault on al-Rawdah mosque in north Sinai killed at least 235 people and injured 109 others. A group of terrorists stormed the mosque in west Arish City in four off-road … Read More

At least 235 dead after ‘militants’ set off bomb and open fire in mosque

At least 235 people have been killed today when suspected militants set off a bomb and opened fire at a mosque in Egypt. Dozens were injured and killed in Sinai during one of the country’s deadliest attacks in recent memory, state media … Read More

US readies new sanctions against North Korea, individuals

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration readied new sanctions Tuesday on North Korea, a day after declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism in a move to put additional pressure on Pyongyang’s nuclear program. North Korea has joined Iran, Sudan … Read More

Madagascar Plague Death Toll Rises to 195

The plague currently ravaging Madagascar has proved “resilient” to antibiotics because it is extremely rare, an expert has warned. It comes as the death toll for the disease rises to 165 and 10 neighbouring countries are put on alert, according to the … Read More

Trump demands border wall after on-duty death of border patrol agent in Texas

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A 36-year-old U.S. Border Patrol agent died Sunday morning after an apparent attack while patrolling southwest Texas, according to federal authorities. Agent Rogelio Martinez, a four-year veteran of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and his partner were dispatched to an … Read More

Brussels is in big trouble: Brexit is the least of Europe’s problems

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When their spaceship first landed on Planet Earth, the Alien Leader chose Brussels. The Alien Guidebook claimed that Europe was a very rich continent where developed countries tried to stop wars by ending aggressive nationalism. Europeans had come together in … Read More

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