How much power does he want? Juncker demands MORE EU growth as current level ‘MEDIOCRE’

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JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has demanded further expansion of the EU despite widespread anger at the bloc’s federalist stance. The unelected European Commission president made the plea after bizarrely claiming the EU’s current rate of growth is “mediocre”. Speaking as he collected … Read More

The Catalonia-Spain Impasse: Why Elections May Not Be Enough

The standoff between Spain and the leaders of Catalonia, its autonomous northeastern region, has worsened in recent days. A new future awaits the region after December 21, the date Spanish Prime Minister Mariono Rajoy has set for elections for the … Read More

European Union stares at disintegration

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After Brexit, the fast-spreading Euroscepticism has engulfed Catalonia and it could imperil EU if not addressed quickly. Catalonia, one of Spain’s richest regions, is likely to declare independence from the southwestern European country next week. On October 1, more than … Read More

As Germany and Spain prove, history – with all its wounds – is not over

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 Hitler meets Francp in 1940, in Hendaye on the French-Spanish border. ‘Germany and Spain today find themselves confronted by ghosts of the past.’ Photograph: KEYSTONE-FRANCE/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images  History is back in Europe. The Catalan referendum and the German election illustrate this spectacularly. The … Read More

EU must condemn Catalonia violence! Farage rages at Brussels silence after chaos in Spain

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NIGEL Farage has claimed the European Union is starting to “resemble the old Soviet Union” after refusing to condemn the violence by Spanish police that left more than 850 people injured amid unrest at the Catalan independence referendum. Spanish police … Read More

EU looks away as Catalan crisis unfolds

So where the cries of outrage? Where the statements of condemnation, the tweets of shock at the violence meted out on the voters of Catalonia at the hands of the Spanish police? In Europe’s capitals there has been an echoing … Read More