European Union stares at disintegration

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After Brexit, the fast-spreading Euroscepticism has engulfed Catalonia and it could imperil EU if not addressed quickly. Catalonia, one of Spain’s richest regions, is likely to declare independence from the southwestern European country next week. On October 1, more than … Read More

EU must condemn Catalonia violence! Farage rages at Brussels silence after chaos in Spain

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NIGEL Farage has claimed the European Union is starting to “resemble the old Soviet Union” after refusing to condemn the violence by Spanish police that left more than 850 people injured amid unrest at the Catalan independence referendum. Spanish police … Read More

Macron: Europe is too slow, blind to dangers of nationalism

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun, left, and French President Emmanuel Macron make a toast during a dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017. (Etienne Laurent/Pool Photo via AP) PARIS Calling Europe slow, weak and ineffective, French … Read More

The European Union Is Preparing to Get Tough on Data Protection

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With privacy and data protection becoming bigger issues for consumers, its not a surprise to see the European Union step up its regulation. Travel companies all over the world should be paying attention. Few regulators have been as happy to … Read More

France ‘may be the next GREAT WORLD POWER’ if it stands up to Germany in the EU

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Michael Ivanovich of economic research firm MSI Global made the call over German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU’s apparent reluctance to back French President Emmanuel Macron’ proposed reforms. The French President wants to set up a eurozone budget to … Read More

Britons ‘don’t know what they want’: Spanish minister blasts Brexit amid Gibraltar row

SPAIN’S former foreign minister launched a scathing attack on the UK claiming Britons “don’t know what they want” over Brexit. Marcelino Oreja is renowned as being one of the most committed experts on the European Union, having been on one … Read More

‘Brits have NO IDEA what they want’ German expert in shock attack on UK’s Brexit demands

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Michael Huether, from the German Institute for Economic Research, said British officials “haven’t achieved anything” in negotiations so far. In a shock attack, he claimed they lack “strategic skills” and are unsure whether to pursue a hard or soft Brexit … Read More

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