Brussels is in big trouble: Brexit is the least of Europe’s problems

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When their spaceship first landed on Planet Earth, the Alien Leader chose Brussels. The Alien Guidebook claimed that Europe was a very rich continent where developed countries tried to stop wars by ending aggressive nationalism. Europeans had come together in … Read More

Germany MUST get behind EU reform of sprawling bloc or it will fail says German minister

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ANGELA Merkel’s Germany must lead the movement to reform the European Union or watch it fail, a leading German politician said today. Merkel: We hope to be ready to initiate phase two by December Former foreign minister Joschka Fischer said … Read More

Can Africa thwart the next great migration crisis? European leaders hope so

Under a new system, African leaders have agreed to register ‘vulnerable’ would-be migrants before they can seek asylum in Europe. More than 1.5 million migrants have surged into Europe since 2015. Now European leaders and their African counterparts are working … Read More

FT: Ukraine crisis will ‘cripple’ Russia-U.S. relations, envoy warns

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U.S.-Russian relations will be “crippled” unless a solution is found to the Ukraine crisis, the newly appointed U.S. envoy on the country has warned, dashing any hopes Moscow may still harbor for rapprochement under Donald Trump’s presidency, according to the … Read More

Italy and France are playing a dangerous game in Libya

AFTER the United Nations lifted sanctions imposed on Libya in 2003, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi set off to improve relations with Europe. He knew that the two most important cards he held were oil money and migration. He knew that … Read More

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