Who is going to be Germany’s chancellor in 2021?

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The most important country of the European Union, Germany will also shoulder the EU Council presidency in July 2020. Within the last few months, ministries in Germany have already begun to prepare for the EU Council presidency term. With plans … Read More

Angela Merkel’s future in doubt as Germany’s coalition partners hold crisis talks

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KEY POINTS Andrea Nahles, the leader of Germany’s junior coalition partner, the Social Democrats (SPD), announced her resignation on Sunday. The surprise move has sparked concerns that Merkel’s government might collapse over the coming months. “Andrea Nahles has made a … Read More

As Europe struggles, Germany still a beacon of stability

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The sun sets over the River Main in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Probst) – Michael Probst BERLIN — European politics just now is a story of how one decision by a pastor’s dutiful daughter has made life … Read More

Merkel vows to restore Germans’ confidence in government

BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Monday to do more to restore Germans’ confidence in her unhappy coalition after a battering for both of her governing partners in Bavaria’s state election added to tensions in the alliance. Sunday’s vote … Read More

German Unity Day marked by divisions as protests take place in Berlin

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The world was watching on Nov. 9, 1989, when east Berliners climbed over the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate, reuniting a country long divided. But it was about a year later, on Oct. 3, that Germany officially became one … Read More

Germany’s Merkel Favors Even More Immigrants

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Even in the face of a rising tide of anti-immigration feeling in Germany that threatens her party’s continued rule, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has actually worked out a deal with the legislative partners of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to … Read More

Hardline EU ministers form ‘axis of the willing’ against illegal migrants

The dispute has raised questions over Merkel’s future, as nationalist forces already in power elsewhere in Europe turn up the heat on the long-serving German chancellor for her welcoming stance toward migrants. Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said she expected … Read More

Do Angela Merkel and Germany have a joint future?

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The new German government is in operation since a few weeks now but there is trouble brewing afoot in Berlin. Unexpectedly, the right wing AfD is pretty quiet at the time. The CSU remains the arsonist Those who have hoped … Read More

German nightmare – how Germany faces MONTHS without government if Merkel WINS election

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GERMANY could face months without a working government after the country’s election because Angela Merkel’s potential coalition parties are at loggerheads. Polls show Mrs Merkel is well on course to finish top of the polls but will have to negotiate … Read More