Germany could join a military alliance with the US, UK, and France if Syria tries another chemical attack

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A German air force Tornado jet takes off from the German army Bundeswehr airbase in Jagel, northern Germany December 10, 2015. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer Germany is exploring the possibility of joining a military alliance with the US, France, and the United Kingdom … Read More

Israel warns of retaliation if Russian-backed S-300 in Syria fire at Israel

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Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman at a local government conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday February 14 2018. Ariel Harmoni/Ministry of Defense ‘Russian systems are in Syria, they are not acting against us, we have an open line & dialogue’ Liberman … Read More

Trump Orders Strikes on Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack

WASHINGTON — The United States and European allies launched strikes on Friday against Syrian research, storage and military targets as President Trump sought to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 … Read More

In Call to Netanyahu, Putin Urges Israel Not to Take Action in Syria

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Netanyahu told Putin: Israel will not permit Iran to set up military presence in Syria ■ Israel is on high alert for any Iranian retaliation after direct threat from Iran ■ Trump warns Syria of possible attack ■ Russia to … Read More

US deploying Truman aircraft carrier strike group to Middle East, Europe – Navy

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The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman performs a full power run during sea trials in the Atlantic Ocean © US Navy / Reuters The US will deploy the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier for a mission to the … Read More

Russia PLEADS with US to ‘refrain’ from MILITARY action in Syria in hope to avoid WW3

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RUSSIAN UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia has pleaded with the United States to “refrain” from any military action it might be preparing against Syria over a the alleged chemical weapons attack. GETTY His comments came after the council failed to approve … Read More

Donald Trump tells Russia missiles fired at Syria ‘will be coming’

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US President Donald Trump threatened to fire missiles at Syria following threats from Moscow to counter any attack. Earlier Russian officials said they would shoot down any US missiles. US President Donald Trump threatened conflict with nuclear-armed Russia on Wednesday, as Washington … Read More

Trump Weighs More Robust Military Strike Against Syria

President Trump receiving a briefing on Monday from military leaders at the White House after a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of Syrians. Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times WASHINGTON — President Trump and his advisers on Tuesday weighed a … Read More

Syria strikes spotlight Israel’s nightmare: an entrenched Iran

Israel has struck inside Syria more than 100 times since 2012. News Analysis TEL AVIV — The missile strikes targeting a Syrian air base on Monday highlight the nightmare scenario Israel is facing: arch-enemy Iran entrenching to the east. Russia … Read More