Iran says will make or buy and weapons it needs, blasts ‘invading powers’

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“We are not living in a normal region, and we see invading powers have built bases around us. Disregarding the principles of international law, they intervene in regional affairs.”  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attends a meeting with Muslim leaders and … Read More

Russia joins European Union, India and China in bid to win compensation over U.S. metals tariffs

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GENEVA – Russia has joined the European Union, India and China in demanding compensation from the United States for its tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. The World Trade Organization’s web site posted Thursday a filing from Russia that, like … Read More

Europe Considers Granting Robots Legal Status

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“For making good any damage they may cause” In the 21st century West, unborn babies are not people, but robots have legal “personhood.” In 2017, the European Union released legal guidelines and questions concerning artificial intelligence in the future. One … Read More

UK: Fears of Russian cyber revenge for Syria strikes

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Russia said there would be consequences for the US-led military action in Syria. Could revenge come in the most modern of forms? Britain is braced for cyber attacks, with warnings that critical infrastructure could be hit. The fears were echoed … Read More

Refugees increasingly entering Greece via land routes

Greek police detained 1,658 refugees and migrants in March after they crossed the border from Turkey by land. A barbed wire fence sits on the Greek-Turkish border [File: Reuters] Athens, Greece – A growing number of refugees and migrants are reaching Greece via land routes … Read More

Danger is lurking in all corners of the globe

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New US national security adviser John Bolton. Picture: Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA The world is experiencing more dangerous geopolitical tensions, across more regions than at any time since the Cold War ended three decades ago. The informed view in those heady … Read More

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